Philosophy & atmosphere

Hotel and B&B “Das Wanda”

Welcome to our Hotel and B&B “Das Wanda” in Caldaro.

Come in, take a deep breath and feel at home. Das Wanda is an idyllic place, renovated with respect for the environment and our roots. Not your typical hotel in Caldaro, nothing run-of-the-mill about this little gem. Our home, and your home from home.

Mediterranean flair

The Name

People often ask us where our peculiar name “Das Wanda” comes from ...
It all started with a very special childhood memory. A dreamy location, a simple bed and breakfast in a hidden little village on the Italian island of Elba. A piece of family history, almost forgotten ... “Villa Wanda”. Our grandfather, the owner of said guesthouse, dreamed of blissful, carefree days – we keep dreaming his dream in this beautiful place that is Caldaro …

Villa "Wanda" in Elba